Step-by-Step Experience

Select & Start Your Kit


  1. Visit us at Creston Valley Winecrafters & U-Brew! No appointment needed.
  2. Find your wine, cooler, cider or beer style. Our friendly staff can help you with your selection.
  3. Together, we combine the ingredients in a primary in as little as 15 minutes. 
  4. Stage 1 is complete!

  • Try our Hungarian oak barrels! These hand-crafted barrels help to micro-oxygenate your wine to smooth it out and kick start the aging process. We also have an Acacia wood barrel to use for white wines, such as Pinot Gris and Chardonnay!

Sit Back & Relax


  • Depending on the wine chosen, you wait for 4-8 weeks to bottle your finished product. In the meantime, we look after the fermenting, racking, clarifying, and filtering. 

  • On your receipt there is a “bottling date”. This is the day we strive for your wine to be ready. 

  • Near the bottling date, our staff call to remind you that your product is ready to bottle.  At that time, we schedule an appointment day and time that works for you!

Bottling Day!


  • Bring in your clean, empty wine and/or beer bottles. If you need new bottles, we have them available for purchase.
  • We show you how to use our heavy-duty bottle sanitizers. It sanitizes the inside of 30 bottles at a time!
  • Corking is as easy as closing a door with our pneumatic power corker.
  • Shrink caps & labels are also available to add that final personal touch. Personalize your label with your own vintage name, line art, and design!
  • Voila! Take home & enjoy your newest creation!