At Creston Valley Winecrafters we offer a variety of flavours of coolers. The Orchard Breezin' series includes such tasty flavours as: raspberry, kiwi, margarita, peach, orange, wildberry, cherry, strawberry, sangria, and pear. They can be sparkled and are ready to drink as soon as you bottle! Just contact us to see if we have your particular flavour in stock.

Spring is almost here - and Summer can be enjoyed with naturally flavoured Vinoka Ice, Cider and Coolers. It's just the perfect sparking refreshment to beat the heat!!! They only take 30 days are are ready to enjoy as soon as you bottle with our in-house carbonation  ;)!

Vinoka is the first to produce Sparkling Wine Cooler Kits for the home winemaker. They contain only natural fruit flavours and fruit juice concentrates and are of unsurpassed quality. In only 30 days, your wine coolers will be ready to enjoy!