Tips and Suggestions

Bottling and storing your beer bottles

1.Glass bottles are best Plastic bottles are acceptable
2.Colour Dark brown are best
Green are 2nd
Clear are last

1.To get longer life from your beer your bottles must be very clean. After using rinse and store in cases upside down. This simple procedure will save you a lot of time cleaning on bottling night.

1.Fill each bottle as full as you can.
2.Caps must be put on immediately after each fill. CAP ONE - FILL ONE
Plastic caps must be on as firmly as possible.

Maximum shelf life is 3 months under ideal conditions (REFRIGERATED)
Consume as soon as possible.
1.Cool temperature is best 50 F to 60 F degrees. Otherwise an area a constant temperature and is reasonably cool. Warm temperatures speed up oxidization, autolysis (protein drop) and growth of contaminants.
2.Beer hates fluctuating temperatures.
3.Beer hates vibration. Leads to chill haze
4.Beer hates light so storage in a dark area or covered with a lightweight blanket. Light leads to Protein breakdown and skunky aromas.